of the Eastern Shore  

      of Nova Scotia

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The Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia

John George McGregor , the founder if the Eastern Shore MacGregors, was born 17 Sept. 1858 on Bermuda, third son of John McGregor, a Scottish soldier/merchant on the island, and his first wife Johanna Susan Healey.  John came to Nova Scotia with his father in 1869, and settled at Pleasant Point probably because his step-mother, Susanna Nauffts, had family in the area.

In April 1881 he was enumerated as an unmarried fisherman living at Ostrea Lake in the home of Frederick and Susan Bowser.  He married Gertrude Matilda Bowser, 24 Dec. 1881 at Musquodoboit Harbour by Rev. James Lowry. She was born 24 Dec. 1864 at Ostrea Lake, the daughter of Frederick Bowser and Susan Kent, and died in 1948 at 85 years.  He was recorded as a trader resident at Musquodoboit Harbour at the time of his marriage, and in the census of 1891-1901 was enumerated at Ostrea Lake as the postmaster for the community and an Anglican. He died 21 Sept. 1911,  at 53 years, and is buried with his wife at St. George's, Ostrea Lake.

Their Children:

     i. Walter Seymour,  (see below).

    ii. John Frederick, born. 23 Jan. 1884, Ostrea Lake, baptized. 14 Feb. 1884.  At home in 1891-1901, he married Edith (Peggy) Wagg (born in 1902 at Collingwood, Ont., daughter of Charles and Ethel Wagg), 1 Jan. 1908 at Halifax, conductor for the Canadian Pacific Railway, lived at Fort Williams, Ontario, issue:

        a. May Eugene, born 13 May 1916, baptized at St. Thomas, Musquodoboit Harbour. 

    iii. Morris Harvey, born. 20 June 1885 (or 1886), Ostrea Lake, at home in 1901, married Sophronia Eugenia Laybolt, 5 March 1908 at Halifax, carpenter, lived at Ostrea Lake, died. 24 Dec. 1918, issue:

        a. Douglas Howard, b. Nov. 1909.

    iv. Norman William, (see below).

    v. Myra Susan, born 22 April 1898, Ostrea Lake, at home in 1901, died 15 June 1918, buried at Ostrea Lake.

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Along the eastern Shore are many pristine beaches and beautiful scenery

Walter Seymour McGregor  was born 2 Nov. 1882 at Musquodoboit Harbour and baptized. 18 Jan. 1883 at St. James, Head of Jeddore. He married. Odessa Frances Williams, 7 Dec. 1910 at Halifax. She was born. 19 April 1892 at Pleasant Point, the daughter of Thomas Williams and Christiana Rosella Williams, and died in 1965. He was a fisherman and a parishioner of St. George's Anglican Church at Ostrea Lake. He died in 1954 and both are buried at St. George's, Ostrea Lake.

Their Children:

    i. Walter Ernest, born 23 June 1913, Ostrea Lake.

    ii. Gordon William, born on 2 Feb. 1915, lived at. West Jeddore, married Eleanor Doyle, lived at Musquodoboit Harbour, died 29 Aug. 1987 at Halifax, buried in West Jeddore, issue:

        a. Rodney, lived at Dartmouth.

        b. Darrell, living in Red Deer, Alta.

        c. Rhoda Mae, married Wallace Webber, living at Moncton, NB.

        d. Debbie, married Lloyd Miller, living in Lower Sackville. NS.

    iii. John Everett, born 1916, married Leona Bowser, died 1957, buried in Pleasant Point.

    iv. Harold Thomas, born. 30 June 1918, drowned 16 July 1924, buried at Ostrea Lake.

    v. Douglas Bruce, born 9 Sept. 1920, married Joan Cleveland (daughter of Colin Cleveland and Glennie Harnish), lived at Halifax and Ostrea Lake.  Died at Ostrea Lake.

    vi. Owen Lloyd, born 17 April 1923, Ostrea Lake, married Margaret Anastasia Haskett, 15 Jan. 1955 at Musquodoboit Harbour, drowned 1976, buried at Ostrea Lake.

    vii. George Frederick, born 24 March 1925 (twin), married Ivy May Bowser (3 May 1920-1 March 1948, buried. Pleasant Point), living at Dartmouth.

    viii. Evelyn Marie, born 24 March 1925 (twin), married Adam Clarke, living in Toronto.

    ix. Freda Pearl, born 15 Nov. 1926, married Allan Darwin, lived at Ottawa.

    x. Bernard Harvey, born about 1929, Ostrea Lake, married Pauline Gardner MacLeod, 2 Sept. 1950 at Pleasant Point, lived in Dartmouth, issue:

        a. Charles Bernard, born 12 Jan. 1959, died 13 Jan. 1959, buried New Riverside Cemetery, Musquodoboit Harbour.

        b. A son, died 25 May 1960, buried at Community Cemetery, Musquodoboit Harbour.

    xi. Murray Marvin, born on 13 Oct. 1930, married Barbara Wright, died 25 July 1979, buried Ostrea Lake, issue:

        a. Bruce Allan, married Cara Lynne Stevens, 30 Oct. 1993 at St. George's, Ostrea Lake.

    xii. Edith Gertrude  born on 25 Sept 1911 married Charles Scargill, deceased 29 April, Bridgewater. NS

    xiii. Marion, (twin of Murray) born 13 Oct 1930, married Joseph Donald Robicheau, born 27 March 1930, both living in Chezzetcook.

    xiv. Una, married Ralph Heffner (or Hessler), living in Bedford.

    xv. Edna Mildred, born 1934, married Kenneth Roy Warnell, living at Westphal and Dartmouth.

    xvi. Walter, living in Montreal.

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There are many picturesque hamlets along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Norman McGregor was born 1891 at Ostrea Lake. He married Laura Blakeney, 22 Dec. 1915 at West Jeddore by Rev. Arthur R. Wallis. She was born in 1895 at West Jeddore, the daughter of Gideon John Blakeney and Margaret Eve Mitchell, and died in 1941. He died 1974.

Their Children:

    i. Russell, married Madelyn Hartlin, living at Musquodoboit Harbour and Dartmouth, issue:

        a. Elaine Wanda, born 27 Jan. 1952.

        b. Deborah Lynn, born 19 Jan. 1953.

        c. Brian

        d. Paul

    ii. Kenneth, married Vera M. Stoddard, living at Head of Jeddore, issue:

        a. Marvin Harold, born 5 Sept. 1947.

        b. Ronnie Merlin, born 6 Dec. 1949, died 1997.

        c. Wanda Margaret, born 3 Nov. 1951, d. 1952, buried at  New St. James Cemetery, Head of Jeddore.

        d. Daniel Roger Bruce, born 12 Nov. 1953.

        e. Kenneth J., born 1954, died 1954, buried New St. James Cemetery, Head of Jeddore.

        f. Sheila Karen, born 7 Dec. 1955.

    iii. Gertrude Margaret, born ca. 1918, West Jeddore, married Harold Williams Kent, 11 Sept. 1937 at West Jeddore.

    iv. Marvin

    v. Helen

    vi. Joseph, living at Dartmouth.

    vii. Phyllis Anne, born ca. 1931, West Jeddore, married Lorne Purdy,  died 8 Jan. 1992 at Truro, at age of 60 years, buried Watson Cemetery, Truro.

Author's note:  Sincere thanks to Kim Stevens and the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Centre for their important contributions to this chapter.

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